Sunday, May 23, 2010

A Day In The Park

We had yet ANOTHER shower yesterday (we are SO blessed!). This time it was with Michael's family and friends. It was at a park which was very nice and luckily very shaded in the 90 degree heat! It was a lot of fun and we got a lot of great things!

This sign was in the parking lot to direct guests to the pavilion. I thought it was ADORABLE! I'm going to put it on his door.
Melissa had us bring some baby pictures because we REALLY looked a like when we were babies. You'll never be able to look at Nicholas and decide who he looks like because we looked so much alike! Ha!
Michael must have taken this one for us
The hostesses, Michael's sister Melissa and his step mother Joy
This is the one thing Michael picked out and wanted for himself. He wanted a Recaro como convertible car seat for his car. It is the red and black one. Thanks to his dad and Joy!
I LOVED this onesie outfit! Michael is known as the "grill master" in his family, so Melissa got Nicholas this. I CANNOT wait to put this on him for our first cookout!
Isn't this too funny? Michael was listening to the "sounds of the womb" bear we got. Haha!

We were also very surprised to get our pack n play!!! Now, he can come! He has a place to sleep in our room and all the clothes he will ever need!