Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Sunday

Hope everyone has had a wonderful Easter Sunday. We went to church this morning then back to my parents' house for lunch with my grandmother and my aunt's family. I had my mom take a picture of us before we changed clothes and I wish this wasn't so blurry. I'm not sure what happened. :-(
We had a very yummy lunch of ham, potato casserole (my favorite!), squash, green beans, carrots, deviled eggs, and fresh fruit. We had a fabulous coconut cake and my carrot cake cake balls for dessert. I think I ate more today than I have in a LONG time! Yay for keeping food down on a holiday (since I was SO sick during Thanksgiving and Christmas).

After lunch I sent Michael to the attic to giraffe hunt. Remember I told you about my giraffe coat hanger that my Grandfather made and my Nana painted for my nursery when I was born? Well, it was found, cleaned, and brought home to Nicholas' room today!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!! It means so much for me to be able to give this to him.
I am officially exhausted from a busy weekend and Michael is outside washing cars (his OCD obsession). I'm going to get ready for a crazy week at work. It is Spring Break here, so Dr. Smith is out this week with his daughter and I'm hoping to take a couple of afternoons off (possibly tomorrow since the forecast is 86 and sunny!!!).


Jenn said...

Happy Easter! You looked beautiful in your dress :) The giraffe is adorable! I cant wait to see the finished nursery!

Lauren said...

Your dress is beautiful. Happy Easter!!! :)

The Whites said...

what a cute giraffe! glad you had a great day.

Kelly said...

I love the giraffe!
And you are a hot momma yourself!!

The Coach's Wife said...

I LOVE the giraffe! How precious and so memorable! You are looking awesome!

Lulu said...

Oh my gosh that giraffe is just the cutest!!! It looks adorable and matches the room perfectly...and your blog ;)