Saturday, February 6, 2010

So Excited I Just Can't Hide It!

This morning my mom and I went out for our every-other-week nail pedicure appointment and afterwards I remembered there was still one more baby boutique I had not made it to that sold cribs. Might as well run in for a quick second since it was between the nail salon and my next stop, the mall for a bday gift for my dad. After walking through almost the entire store I saw this crib and got so excited! It was almost EXACTLY what I wanted and a steal on clearance!
Sorry for the bad quality, all I had was my phone, but I LOVE it!
I now have one on layaway at the baby store! Also, while I was there, I noticed that the boy bedding I've loved since even starting to think about TTC three or four years ago was there too. Upon looking closer, I realized that it was actually a bumper set because it had been discontinued and they found it in back and put it out 50% off! So, I told my mom if we find out it is a boy on Wednesday, I want her to hurry back over at lunch that day to pick it up! Ha!

On to even more exciting news, I bought my tickets for Beth Moore in Atlanta and officially will be partying in the overflow! Can't you tell, I'm so excited, I just can't hide it!
Brittney, I'm waiting for your excited picture! Also, my excited face just got even more excited! Found out that one of my closest bloggy friends, Courtney IS going to be able to go, so we are making it a full girls weekend! I.CANNOT.WAIT! It will be a great getaway before Baby!


Jenna said...

Woot Woot HotLanta!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Beth said...

Too cute! I'm glad you found the crib (and maybe bedding) you have always wanted!

Todd and Courtney said...

beyond excited we're going together :) I couldn't have hoped to go with anyone better. Loved chatting tonight, sorry my phone died!

Jenna said...

Your pic is too cute! Can't wait for April!!

And I love the crib. Just precious!!

Clementsville: Population of 5! said...

The crib is adorable and your pic is hilarious!

I love Beth Moore!

Kendra said...

SO Exciting!!!!! What great deals!!!

Aishlea said...

I love the crib! It is beautiful and you can not beat getting it on sale!!!

I just bought tickets to Beth Moore, too...and I am so excited! :) It will be so much fun!

Michelle said...

Love th ecrip...and love reading Beth Moore. You will have a great time! I am so happy for you!