Thursday, January 28, 2010

Yay for Thursday and Haiti Update

I had a few comments, twitter inquiries, and emails asking if my boss made it to Haiti and to tell more. I had a couple people ask me if there was a way to follow them on twitter or facebook. Unfortunately Dr. Smith does not have either (I am lucky he knows how to read email and text, he isn't into technology! Ha!), but you can read updates at Erlanger's site and I will update as I know something. I really wish I knew more, but they have not contacted us yet (and may not be able to). However, this story was on the front of the local paper this morning. I'm thinking I know what I'm getting him for Doctor's Day in March. More on that later. :-) Keep praying for them and that they are able to help many and return safely.

I am so happy tonight is Thursday night. That means tomorrow is the last day before the weekend and my catch up day at work. I REALLY need one this week being off Monday and all that is going on. I am cooking chicken fried rice (YUMMY!) and planning on taking a warm bath and starting my new book, Nanny Returns. I LOVED the Nanny Diaries because it came out while I was a nanny and I hope the sequel is equally as good.

We are forecasted for some snow and ice this weekend, but not too much. I am ok with that because I have to start working on clearing out our office/nursery. It is the junk room right now and I hope to start getting it ready for furniture over the next six weeks.

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Todd and Courtney said...

Hey Chica! Can I borrow the Nanny Diaries??? :) I'm a good book borrower & will return. Gracias!