Saturday, January 23, 2010

Show Us Your Life, Where Do You Shop

I have several stores that I love, but I have a few favs. I am a pretty simple dresser, in the fall and winter I just love a t-shirt and sweater or turtleneck and jeans and in the spring and summer a dress or a tank top or t-shirt and jeans. I also LOVE big chunky, fun jewelry, but who doesn't?!

My very most favorite store, and has been since I was about 14, is Gap. (I see MANY trips to Baby Gap in my very near future, like day I have my ultrasound, ha!). I love their sweaters, khakis, and t-shirts. They also have the only jeans I prefer to wear, long and lean (not that I am, they make you LOOK like you ARE! This 5'2 semi chunky girl needs all the help she can get!).

I LOVE this from their new spring collection. They do have one similar over on the maternity side. Better check that out soon! I am hoping to go visit Gap Maternity in Atlanta next weekend! Woohoo!

J Crew is my favorite for light, fun dresses and also for sweaters. Isn't this one cute for summer?!
For cheap, fun clothes, I like NY and Company. They have really cute things, really affordable.
For when I dress up (because I just wear scrubs to work, no need for dress clothes every day, just church, weddings, and funerals mostly), I like Ann Taylor Loft. I am loving this outfit too!
For accessories I mostly wear Lia Sophia. I have been selling it for about 6 months to help pay for IF costs. Now that we are pregnant, medical bills (I have a crappy deductible and I basically owe my OBGYN my first born!)

I thought I would throw in a few sites that I am now addicted to in case you have a baby, are pregnant, or if you are like I was for YEARS and just obsessed with all things baby.
Modern Pea Pod Bedding, where we have decided to get bedding.
Simply Baby Furniture, the cheapest place I've found for my furniture and FREE shipping! Woohoo!
Pottery Barn Kids, because really, we all know it is the cutest!
Etsy, LOVING the crochet hats and pillowcase dresses!


Lauren said...

Love your picks, girl!!! :)

Todd and Courtney said...

There is a fabulous Pottery Barn Kids at Lenox in Atlanta if you go down that way! The outlets are awesome too in the Atlanta area. I miss having one close by.

Beth said...

Great choices! I've heard some great things about Gap jeans - I need to get check 'em out. Come check out the award I have for you ;) I hope you are feeling better.