Wednesday, January 6, 2010

13 Weeks, 2nd Trimester, and COLD!

UPDATE: I went out to Walgreen (about a mile from our house) and invested in a humidifier and a neti pot. Lets see if I have any improvement after that!

It is C.O.L.D. here, but that is not the type cold I'm talking about. I'm ringing in the 2nd trimester with a nasty head cold (so, don't look for a week 13 post until I recover! Ha!). I thought it would be ok and pass quickly with just benadryl, but it isn't looking that way, do any of you know what I can take or any home remedies that may help? I'm willing to try anything! This is NOT helping my sleep situation at all! Ha! I bought some tylenol cold and sinus, but of course after I got it home and researched the ingredients, not able to take it. I really want to knock this out quickly because it is supposed to snow and ice here tomorrow afternoon and could last into the weekend. Also, our fifth anniversary is Friday and I REALLY want to feel well for that. We were hoping to take a trip to Atlanta Saturday.

I also must be completely crazy or stupid, or both. I decided to brave Walmart at 5:30 on the day before the snow. NO IDEA what I was thinking! Ha! The cashier asked me where my bread and milk were. I just went for chili ingredients, chicken noodle soup ingredients, and kleenex! Ha!

All you girls forecasted for snow tonight, keep us updated. We should be getting it around midafternoon tomorrow. I have a light afternoon of patients (more than half cancelled), so hopefully if it starts I'll be able to get out of there pretty fast. I have driven home from the hospital in the snow when I was in college and it took almost 3 hours. MISERABLE! I'm hoping to beat some of the traffic out by going to work early and leaving a little early, but we'll see!


Love with a Latte said...

We are supposed to get snow at least I don't think. I haven't watched the weather yet though. Stay well!!!

MomMom said...

So sorry you've had a "not so good" week health-wise. Hope you feel better soon and that you will feel like celebrating your anniversary. Have a happy one!!

Mama J said...

Colds are just the pits when you're pregnant. I don't take any medication whatsoever when I'm pregnant-not even Tylenol. I've had a bunch of colds while pregnant. I drink lots fluids--I mean LOTS--especially hot (decaf) tea with lemon and honey in it and use a humidifier in the bedroom. It's not fun feeling yucky, but it's only temporary. I have found that drinking crazy amounts of liquids really does help.

Christi said...

I'm a drug "pusher" but please watch how sick you get. I got really sick with our first and due to the sensitive nature of that pregnancy i refused to take anything. It just got worse and worse.
I think honey, a humifier, lots of water, rest are great things. Be leary of herbal things because you don't know how they affect your body. I only know that due to a liver tumor and learning that some can be very hard on the liver.
Get some rest and feeling better.
I live in OH and we're getting snow tomorrow too...though we've gotten some already. I'm ready to see green again.

Anna said...

Sorry about the cold but YAY for 2nd tri!!!

Michelle said...

Happy 13 weeks! Great milestone!
Get well soon!