Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Time To Get Caught Up

It has been a really busy week at our house and I realized that I have not taken any pictures either! Oops! Friday night I had my roots done and my hair cut (apparently pregnancy has changed my hair. It has always been curly (LOVE my chi!), but it is super curly, coarse, and will not do a THING!!!). When I got home we went to have Mexican and I really didn't feel good so I just ordered a taco salad because right now anything with lettuce just sounds fabulous. When it came out apparently the waiter thought I just wanted a plain salad so I got a plate full of shredded lettuce, one slice of a tomato, and a BIG pile of guacamole on top! Ha! Um, where is the meat, beans, and shell?! Obviously he corrected the mistake! Ha! The best part was Michael's face because he was a little worried about the poor waiter messing with the pregnant girl's food! I was nice though, it was an honest mistake.

Saturday I got up early and got to work. It was one of the worst days I had in a while (of course), but I had a lot to do. Michael's family was coming over for dinner and I had neglected my house for the past three weeks, oops again! It took my mom and I almost four hours to pick up and clean my house, and we are not talking a big house at all! PITIFUL! Thank God for my mom, otherwise, that night would NOT have come together. We did have homemade lasagna (which I will get around to posting on my recipe blog soon), salad, and bread. I also made a cream of coconut cake. So good! I also did something else I was regretting when I finally put it all away last night, used my fine china, crystal, and silver. I love using it, but it sure does stink to clean it and put it away. Although, thank you Noritake for making your products dishwasher safe!!! :-)
My table set and ready for Saturday night. I wish I had a darker red table cloth, but I can get that next year. I am already making a list of things I need to do differently since Baby Ledford will be here and I know I will be an unorganized disaster. Ha!
Sunday we went to Buffalo Wild Wings downtown and played trivia. That is one of our favorite winter Sunday afternoon things to do. It is warm in there and we love being competitive (it is my major flaw that I hate!) with each other. Guess who won? I killed Michael this time! It definitely made for a fun afternoon! Ha! I was upset to hear Brittany Murphy died. How sad. I LOVED her in Uptown Girls. That movie was always special to me because I was a nanny and I know exactly how her character felt about that little girl. We came home and watched Kendra, Here Comes Baby (don't fault me, remember, my weakness is E! trash! Ha!). Michael watched it with me and it opened his eyes a little about late pregnancy and childbirth! Thanks Kendra! Ha!

I worked Monday and Tuesday, but only saw patients on Tuesday. While I was getting caught up on all of my paperwork on Monday afternoon I had a call to the front desk that I had a delivery???? Dr. Smith and I have a patient we've taken care of for almost four years and over the past year and a half we have seen or talked to her on the phone almost weekly if not multiple times a week. Monday she sent me this GORGEOUS table arrangement! I LOVE IT and it looks great in my dining room!!!! It means SO much when your patients acknowledge everything you do for them.
I think I blogged about this last week, but maybe not. All day Wednesday and Thursday I had a terrible migraine that tylenol just was NOT helping, so I called Rebecca, OB Dr. Smith's nurse. While I was on the phone with her she said that since I had not been in for a couple of weeks, we should come in on Tuesday to see her and have an US, just for fun! WOOHOO! I was so excited to get an extra sneak peak of Baby Ledford! Michael didn't really want to go this time since we weren't seeing the Dr (which we did end up seeing!) so my mom came and get her first view of Baby L. He/she was ALL OVER the place! Rebecca and Dr. Smith couldn't believe how active he/she was for 11 weeks! He/she was even sucking his/her thumb at one point (little overachiever, that isn't really supposed to happen for another week!). It was soooooo CUTE! Since they let me come in an extra time and really have gone over and above what they needed to, I brought them some lemon poppyseed bread my Aunt made. I know how hard they work and how rare it is for someone to recognize it. So, without further delay, the latest pic of Baby Ledford (although it is blurry, we are in 1989 and do not have a scanner and my camera didn't want to take this picture!).
I am totally not a believer in this, but do you happen to remember what your baby's HR was and if you have a boy or girl? :-)

Yes, it is 5 am and I am awake. Insomnia usually strikes after my last potty break, so I am probably up for the day now. It has bothered me I am so behind blogging, so I thought I might as well get up and do a post. I'll be back tonight or tomorrow with a week 11 post!


Jamie said...

I think (it has been 4 years) that the heartbeat for our boy was around 165.

So happy for you and praying for you!

Todd and Courtney said...

Lauren's was always higher :)

Warf pary of 3 said...

i dont remember what Landon's hearbeat was everytime. I do remember it was the normal every time we heard it. the chinese birth chart was correct for us. its just for fun and of course not accurate. they take the month you conceive and how old you are and predicts boy/girl. it predicted we would have a boy and it was right.the bean looks like a baby now.

Lauren said...

Awwww, such a sweet picture!!!!! :)

Lianna Knight said...

We really are SO much alike :) Everytime you post I think that I would be doing the same thing!!!

Are your curtains always red in the dining room or did you JUST do that for Christmas...if so, I LOVE the idea...if not, it looks great anyway for the holiday :)

I LOVE BW3's too...we USED to go there all the time when we lived in Houston. We only have one in Jacksonville and we usually go there to watch football we end up NOT playing trivia :(

Have a great holiday!

Kenna said...

I have a boy and a girl and they BOTH were in the 150's for heart rate. :) My little girl sucked her thumb in her early ultrasound pics too and 2 1/2 years later is still sucking her thumb. I think it's precious!

Jennifer said...

Brody's heartrate was 160bpm at his 11 week appointment. My doctor told me she was sure I was having a girl everytime she heard his heartrate! I still had the boy feeling though and I was right. :)

Justin and Jessica said...

I have a little girl (heartrate was around 165) and another little girl on the way (heartrate has been 159-170). :)

I also loved Uptown Girls. I get tears in my eyes everytime I watch that movie ... now I may shed a few more the next time I watch it.

Also, I love E. I'm glad I'm not the only one who watches Kendra!

Kendra said...

Both our babies hr's have been about the same as each other, and we are having one of each! So I can not help =)

Your baby looks so adorable!!!!!!!

Oh, and we don't have a scanner either! HA!

whit said...

I have a three year old little boy, and now we are 23 wks along with a little girl. Funny thing they both have/had the same heart rate.

Amanda said...

I know you were so excited to get an extra sneak peak at baby Ledford. I am two days behind you (due July 16th) so I'm right there with you in the morning sickness (mine has been worse at night). Did you get something for your migraine. I've had two since I've been pregnant and they are TERRIBLE. I finally called the doctor and he said I coul take Lortab and ended up writng me a script for Demerol (I had no idea you could take those while pregnat). Anyway I hope y'all have a great Christmas.
P.S. Where did you find your maternity jeans...I ran into Motherhood the other day and could not find a thing...when I was pregnant w/ Ella Grace I didn't seem to have such a hard time finding things...I'm not in great need of them yet but I know I'll go to get dressed one morning and have NOTHING to wear.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the update on Baby L! How exciting! Your dining room looks beautiful! I love BWW, but I haven't ever played the trivia! Hope you have a Merry CHRISTmas!