Saturday, December 26, 2009

On The Day After Christmas...

Michael went to work and Amanda did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! Well, ok, I am planning on cooking a pot of chili, but other than that, NOTHING! We have had a BUSY past two days and I am wiped out! I also feel like I have a bit of a sinus infection/allergy kind of thing going on, so I plan to be pretty lazy today. Maybe watch some left over Christmas movies or my all time fav, You've Got Mail on the DVR. I also plan to go through some baby/pregnancy magazines and start cutting out coupons that will expire soon so I can go ahead and use the ones I know I want to use (diapers, wipes, diaper rash cream, etc).

So, what did we for Christmas...

Christmas Eve Michael had to work until early afternoon, so I stayed home and cooked some sausage balls, wrapped gifts, and finished getting everything ready for Christmas. I am usually so much more organized than I was this year and it drove me crazy! At 5:00 we went to Cleveland (about 30 minutes north) for Christmas with his family at his sister's house.

Michael and his sister opening gifts

Michael got a Smokey for his office at work! It is pretty cute!

Christmas morning we got up and exchanged gifts and I have to say Spencer loved EVERYONE'S gifts! Ha! He loved his new ball, my blanket that Michael gave me, and when we got home last night, we found out he ate Michael's beef stick! Ha!

I cooked sausage balls, and cut fresh fruit for breakfast. We started a new tradition that we would have breakfast with our Christmas china and always have sausage balls a few years ago. It is fun and I know it is Michael's favorite breakfast of the year. The sausage ball recipe is from his mom and it isn't Christmas to him without them.

After breakfast my parents came over since they had already delivered my big package, to open gifts between us and them.
My mom got Baby Ledford Elf On The Shelf! I cannot wait to start this in a couple of years with him/her! Who does this at your house?

And the BIG mystery package is reveled! A Shermag glider/ottoman set! They got us the black with tan cushions because our living room furniture is all dark wood with tan microfiber. The thought is that once we quit using it in the nursery to move it into the living room (where it is going to be until the nursery is set up too! Ha!). Thanks mom and dad! I love it and I cannot wait to use it this summer!!!!!!!

At 4:00 we went over to my parents for dinner and Christmas with my Nana and my Aunt's family. My Aunt Kelly was sick, but the rest of her family was there. We missed you!
Our family, Christmas 2009

My mom has been dying to get an apron for a while and Kelly got her this one for Christmas. I think she liked it more than the Coach purse I gave her! Ha!

This is my cousins Lindsey and Katie and I with our Nana. Yes, we like to pose in our family! It never fails, Katie, Nana, and I always look like we are trying to model in a magazine and Lindsey always makes a lot of fun of us in EVERY.SINGLE.PICTURE! Ha! It is a long running family joke that seemed to keep going this year.

Hope everyone had as wonderful of a Christmas as we did! It was very busy, but we took some time on Christmas Eve to reflect back over some of our favorite Christmas memories over the past 9 Christmases we've spent together. We've had so many just the two of us it is hard to believe it was the last one! (Edit: I hate to write the next part because I'm afraid it might be taken wrong, but it is my journal, so I am going to say it anyway. PLEASE don't take it as though we are not thankful for our baby, we definitely are and we know what a struggle it was to get to this point) It was kind of sad thinking about it that way, but PLEASE don't get me wrong, we wouldn't change ONE THING! Nothing makes us happier than the thought of spending next Christmas with our baby!!!!!


Becky said...

I got the Elf on the Shelf for my daughter to do with the triplets. They named him 'Duke'. A man's name for an Elf that will need all the help he can get to survive those three hooligans!

Anna said...

I LOVE elf on a shelf and I have already gone into GREAT detail with Brandon about us having one for our kids someday. :)

Lauren said...

What a fabulous Christmas!!!!!!!! :)