Tuesday, December 8, 2009

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree

I am about five days late, but better late than never I guess. I was so excited about participating in the Christmas Tree Tour, but obviously, other things took precedence. So, without further delay, here is our trees.

I bought this 9-ft prelit (because I am so OCD that I would fight lights on a 7-ft for hours!) two years ago when we moved in. I was nervous it wouldn't work because it was plugged in (but not on) when the lightning struck last year. I love how it looks in my green living room with the brown, gold, red, and apple green ornaments. I also have a ton of keepsake ornaments I put on my tree.

This is an ornament of the chapel where we got married on the campus of my college. As soon as we were allowed back in our house after the fire I ran and got it off the tree because it is very fragile and cannot be replaced.

This ornament was made for us last year by a friend of my moms. Isn't it cute!

This is my topper. It is a big red sparkly bow with green, red, and gold picks sticking out. I LOVE how it looks!

I decided this year to do a small tree in our bedroom. I found this 4-ft tree at Walmart the Saturday before Thanksgiving and put the ornaments I usually have in a large vase on our dresser on the tree. Very cute!

I call this my "ornament tree" that I place on my dining room table. This picture is actually from last year, prefire, because I've been too lazy to take one this year. Oops! Just imagine that it looks exactly the same, just chocolate brown walls. :-)

I forgot to post this earlier, but this is the 2009 edition of the ornament wreath. The one I had up previously was the 2008 edition that got crushed in the fire.

Next year I am already planning my tree for Baby Ledford's room. I am thinking for a boy just moving the brown and blue one from my room. However, if Baby L is a girl, I have a box full of Hallmark Barbie ornaments (1993-2006) to place on her tree with a few brown and pink ornaments! I.CANNOT.WAIT!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Your trees are beautiful! I'm glad the big tree survived the lightening strike & fire! Love it!

Angela said...

Love the Patten Chapel ornament! That's where we got married, too! :)

Lauren said...

Everything just looks absolutely beautiful!!!

Rebecca said...

I am looking for a white tree like yours. Does your tree have colored or clear lights on it?