Wednesday, November 25, 2009

So Thankful (Warning, It's a long one!)

I'm in a totally different place this year than was last year. Not the different place I thought I'd be, but my heart is somewhere very different. I've gone from depressed, desperate, and almost angry with God to a happy, less anxious, and 100% trusting God about infertility and some other issues in our lives.

In two weeks I am going more in depth about this, but when your house is struck by lightning and catches fire in DECEMBER of all times, you begin to understand how important it is to give your fears and anxieties to God. Seriously, it was a rare event, He was DEFINITELY trying to tell us something and we recognized that. The next year of our journey was faced with much, much less tears and strain on our marriage and much, much more prayer and just having a good time being a couple.

So, this Thanksgiving not much has changed, but we have a new attitude and it has made a HUGE difference in our marriage and outlook. I am so thankful for all that has happened to us (don't get me wrong, it wasn't fun and I don't want to EVER do it again). I'm thankful for so much more this year, some of which I can't begin to explain to you.

I've been blessed with a husband that has been my rock and support over the past two years. I never could have survived the emotional rollercoaster I've been on without his support. He is patient with me when many wouldn't be (I tend to be a little dramatic at times. Ha!) and he has kept me focused when I would have much rather chosen to look at the negatives and felt sorry for myself.

I am very Thankful for wonderful parents that allowed us a place to live while we were
rebuilding and also given me so much support on those days I didn't know if I could continue on this journey and I couldn't do anything but cry.

I was blessed with my dream job just two years out of college that I still love after being there for four years now and I thank God every morning on my way in for giving me such a good job working for two surgeons who have become friends as well as my boss. There were also days I don't think I could have made it without the joy my job brings me and the people I work with everyday.

I am so thankful, I honestly cannot express to you just how thankful, to be able to spend this holiday season in my house. Fifty weeks ago today we came close to losing everything we owned and tomorrow all of our family will come to our new, rebuilt home to give thanks for all He did for us that morning. We easily could have been killed and our house completely destroyed, but He had other plans and I am so thankful for those plans. I am very thankful to have a warm, dry home to spend the holiday in.

Last but very certainly not least, I am very thankful for my fabulous friends, both IRL and blog friends (many of which are now IRL friends! You know who you are!!!!). Blogging has changed my life in a way that I never could have dreamed. It has allowed me to "meet" people that have made my journey so much easier. You are all so encouraging and supportive and probably have kept me out of the mental hospital by allowing me to write my blog!

Sorry to ramble so much, but I am just overwhelmed this year with Thanksgiving and I needed to express that. For the two or three of you that might have read through and made it to the end,


Anna said...

Happy Thanksgiving girl! I am thankful for you. :)

Beth said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Jennifer said...

beautiful post. happy thanksgiving!!

Sarah said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Alicea said...

Happy Thanksgiving - I'm glad I found your new blog! Post pictures of the house when you can, if you haven't already. ;)

Nicole said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you! This was an awesome post, Amanda!!

Lauren said...

So beautiful, Amanda!!!!! :)