Sunday, November 15, 2009

Lazy Sunday

EDIT!: You can find my recipes on the recipe blog roll under the blogs I read daily. :-)

We have had another lazy Sunday. We went to our neighbors last night for the GA/Auburn game and got in bed late last night. Michael got up early this morning and washed my car and did a few things outside while I slept in and then moved my lazy self to the couch to get caught up on the DVR. I still have not started my wreath. I am hoping to work on it some this week at night, but we'll see. I may spend all day next Sunday working on it.

I did manage to put a pot of french onion soup in the crockpot (will post recipe tomorrow) and make it to my friend Anna's jewelry party for a few minutes. Now, I'm back home in my pjs again lounging in front of the TV. Ha! It just seemed like a good day to do that! Be sure to check out the two new additions to the recipe blog. I finally got my meatloaf and taco soup (which really belongs to Megan's husband Webb and I give him full credit!) recipes up.


Kristi said...

Glad you enjoyed your lazy day. We all need those now and then. I would love to see your recipes, but I can't figure out what your recipe blog is. Please let me know at

Nicole said...

Everyone loves lazy days!! I can't wait to see how your new wreath turns out. I LOVED the wreath last year. I am going to attempt to make one, key word...attempt!

Lauren said...

Thanks for all the yummy recipes!!!!! :)