Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Christmas Shopping

I have been doing some thinking today about the fact that due to a few obligations, I will only have 4 Saturdays between now and Christmas to shop! AHHHHHH!!!!! So, I decided this year may be a year I do a lot of shopping online. My mom and I are going outlet shopping this weekend and hope to go to Atlanta to visit Crate and Barrel and J Crew in two weeks. I have ALWAYS gone the day after Thanksgiving, but this year I think I would rather stay at home and concentrate on my tree and decorations. I am debating pulling them out a little early, but I just can't. It has always been my tradition (even at home when I was younger, and I mean middle school age!) to put my tree up the day after Thanksgiving, so I'll wait.

So, anyway, back to the theme of this post, what do you do to get the best deals on what you are looking for? I am thinking about doing online, free shipping, day after Thanksgiving shopping or even the Monday after (isn't that supposed to be the best online day????).

Today was a LONG day that completely wore me out, so I varied from the meal plan. Ha! This just sounded so much better than perogies by the time 6:00 rolled around! Got to love some Cracker Barrel!

Now I am going to go take a hot bath and curl up with Spencer in the bed while I browse catalogs for Christmas ideas!


Todd and Courtney said...

Yummmm we should go eat at Cracker Barrel. I'm a little obsessed! I love online shopping now that I live so far away from places. And speaking of the ATL, we should take a girls trip and go shop. I desperately miss living downtown. I really miss it!

Anna said...

Veggie plate. Mmmmm. lol

Nicole said...

A lot of stores will offer their rockstar Friday sales online. But, it's only for a few hours and it's first thing in the morning.

Lianna Knight said...

I am doing a Christmas finds blog tomorrow....and hopefully a lot of people will join in. So stop by and see if you can find some good gifts...between $10-$50 that you might be able to get :)

Lauren said...

Well, girl.... I haven't even started shopping yet, YIKES!!!!

And I love me some CB!!!! :)