Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Headaches, Weddings, Shopping, and Garages

I know, I need a better excuse, but I have been really busy this past week! I feel like such a bloggy slacker sometimes! Ha! Anyway, since we last talked I have actually not even sat in front of my computer! All facebook and tweets have come from my phone. Yes, it's been that crazy!!!!

Saturday I woke up with one of the worst migraines I really think I've ever had. I thought I was DYING. Seriously! I had to cancel a pumpkin spice latte date , :-( take a toxic dose of ibuprofen, and pray really hard that I could still hitch a ride to Atlanta with my parents at noon for my cousin's wedding. I REALLY wanted to make her wedding and I am so glad I went, even though I wasn't feel my best at first. It was a beautiful, outdoor, southern, fall wedding!
They got married under this super pretty arch. I LOVED all the fall colors she used. VERY fall!
I wish I had a better angle, but here they are doing the sand ceremony.
Is this little house not too cute?! This is where her cake was. Which was precious, but more on that in a few...
The bride and I. I looked not so good, and my sweater really needs to be pulled down, but still a cute pic.
The new Mr. and Mrs. Fincher!
And that super cute "cake" I was telling you about. I had never actually seen a cupcake wedding cake before, but I LOVE it!
And how is this for a cute groom's cake?!
My dad, his sister (the mother of the bride) and my cousin.

Sunday Michael finally had to break down and buy some new work clothes, so we went to the mall and got new pants, shirts, and a great deal on a coat at Gap. I also did really well at Gap and of course had to end the day with what else, a Pumpkin Spice latte!

Today Michael had the day off and I received this picture via text around lunchtime. He had my car to change the oil and if you could imagine that when I left this morning we BARELY fit ONE car in, much less two! I was super surprised and VERY happy!!!!
Today is day 4 on my femara. I think I am having a few more side effects this time (moodiness, headache), but if it will give me a good, healthy egg, who cares?! Girls that have done femara, what day did you start OPKs? I am thinking CD12, which is Saturday.

I also want to welcome my two good friends from college to the blogging world. Nicole and Tiffany would love to hear from you!

Hope everyone is having a good week! I'll try to check back in before the weekend. I know I will be back then. I have a few new recipes and a blog award to write about! :-)


Lauren said...

What a sweet wedding!!!! :)

Mel said...

Love that sweater you wore to the wedding! Great color.
Stay well!

Pamela said...

Love the cupcake wedding cake idea! Also can I hire your hubby out to do my garage!? HA! We moved in three months ago and have a three car garage . Not one car has parked in it yet!

Rachel H. said...

I came across your blog through The Francis Family, and I found this post. It is such a small world. I'm from GA, and I went to high school with Jessi. Jessi is a couple of years younger than me, but we did go to school together. SO crazy!