Sunday, October 4, 2009

Happy BIrthday Sunday

Today was a fun Sunday. We celebrated Michael's dad's 51st birthday at lunch at our house today. I got up and ran to Chattanooga to pick up some stuff from Walmart and chicken kabobs from Fresh Market (YUM!). Then came home and hurried to get it all done. (What I get for sleeping in for just one day of my 4 days off! Ha!)
Melissa brought a yummy cookie cake...notice it is a UT themed cake!
Michael with his dad and sister, Melissa. No, you are not seeing things, my husband does have on a tropical shirt with beer bottles on it. For some reason he was going to wear it today (rainy and 60 degrees) or die!
I was SUPER happy because when I went to get ready I put on a pair of jeans I had not worn in over 2 years (however, I'm thinking the horizontal stripes might not have been the best idea)!!!! Wt loss total is now right on 30 pounds and 2 jean sizes! Welcome back size 8, it's been a while!!!!
We spent the rest of the afternoon watching TV relaxing on the couch and getting ready to start another week. I can only imagine how covered my desk is being out of the office since last Monday! Tomorrow is Michael's official first day in his new position!!!! I am still so excited and happy for him!


Todd and Courtney said...

Cute photos and I love the horizontal stripes shirt! Good choice on the kabobs from Fresh Market. I Love those!!! See you tomorrow I hope :)

Lianna Knight said...

Sounds like you guys had a great time. And you look GREAT too! WOW, 2 jean sizes...that sounds MARVELOUS!!!

I have a few jeans that I've been keeping around in the hopes that I'll get back into them too!


Sarah said...

I think the shirt is way cute! And congrats on the weight loss--that is awesome. By the way, I'm jealous that you have a Fresh Market. We had one here in Grand Rapids, but it closed recently. Ugh...

Lauren said...

Sounds like a perfect weekend!!!! :)