Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Wreath Instructions

Due to overwhelming emails and comments, I have been asked how I made my autumn wreath. Rather than continue to reply to all emails and comments, I am posting here:

Last September I went to Hobby Lobby and bought a 36" (I think) grapevine wreath (1/2 off of course!) and then I got 2 of their fall garland swags (also 1/2 off!!!) and just tied them on the wreath with florist wire and tied a bow on. EASY! I also stuck a few beaded berried in there to glitz it up a little. :-) That's all there was to it. It might have taken 30 minutes if that long and so worth the savings to make myself! I think the entire thing cost me about $50 or $60, but for that size and the amount of stuff on it, I had priced them around $200! It is one of my very most favorite holiday decorations I have and I always get a lot of complements on it.


Todd and Courtney said...

Who wants to help me make mine?? :) Girlfriend is NOT crafty, ha!

Angela said...

I thought I would need a 36" one for my front door, but the 24" one was plenty big! Then I only needed one garland! I might have to look for a good bow, though... :)

I just put up pics on my blog of mine! LOL