Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Flood Update

I've had a few people email or text asking me if our families are ok and how close are we to Atlanta. Yes, we are all fine and we are about 1.5-2 hrs north of Atlanta in Chattanooga, TN. My MA (medical assistant) at work did have some significant water in her yard, but it stopped before actually getting in her house. We are currently waiting to see what, if any, damage it did to her car. Also, another girl at work did have water in her house. Not sure yet what if anything, she needs.

Traffic has been unreal around here today! This morning I-75 out of Ga into TN was backed up and almost made me late to work. There is a RV store right by the interstate that was underwater and thanks to channel 3 news, I found this picture to show you what I saw on my way into work this morning.
Then, this afternoon it took me 40 minutes to get from the on ramp downtown (rossville Blvd on I-24 for those of you in the area) to my exit onto I-75 South (about 6 miles!). Also, this picture is from the same website. It is another low lying road near my parents.
We think the worst is over and the creek that has caused ALL of this has now crested. Please pray for everyone effected by this.

Update on me. I made it through 8 hours of work and 10 patients this afternoon. I am VERY tired tonight, but I made it with the help of some Starbuck's (thanks Dr. Barker!)! I have my follow up with my urologist in the morning. Hopefully he will have some answers, but I doubt it, he never does.


Lianna Knight said...

So thankful that you are safe...praying for your co-workers.

Lauren said...

Can't believe all the craziness with the weather!!! So glad you're okay though and praying everything drys up and gets back to normal!!!

Leigh Ann said...

There you are! I thought I lost you! I didn't know you had a new blog! That flooding has been major. I'm glad to know you and M are doing okay.