Monday, July 20, 2009

Weekend Wrapup (on Monday)

We had a good weekend. I started the weekend by having a surprise dinner with my good friend Victoria. We used to work together until she had to leave for a night shift job that would work around her going back to school. I was mulling over the pantry trying to decide what to fix for dinner when the phone rang and it was Victoria wanting to meet me for dinner and drinks at Abuelo's! I was there in 40 minutes! Good friend, Mexican food, and margaritas, what more could a girl ask for!

Saturday I went shopping with my mom for little while in the afternoon before coming home to grill out with Michael. We had a great dinner! One of our new favorites is to grill veggie kabobs, so we made veggie kabobs, blue cheese filets, and grilled baked potatoes! YUM!

While we cooked we just sat out on the patio and listened to itunes and cuddled with Spencer! We have gotten to where we really enjoy our patio and back yard this summer!

Oh! Who knew my roots were so bad!

Yesterday we just slept in REALLY late (for us!) until 11 and then went to the lake. It has been unusually cool here with record lows in the 50s and daytime highs barely breaking 80! It was a nice day, but not a lot of sun. Oh well, I'm sure we'll make up for it next week with full sun and 90s again! Ha! It was just a tease for fall! After the middle or so of July, I'm always ready to bring on football and fall, two of my favorite things! After we went out on the boat we ate some super tasty peel and eat shrimp at the marina before heading home and crashing around 9. Yes, we know, we were very lazy yesterday!

I woke up around 4 this morning with raging kidney infection so I slept in and went to work around 12. I got a nice painful rocephin injection and hopefully will be much better tomorrow. That is the downside to all of my kidney problems, most antibiotics don't work and I've gotta get a big shot in the butt!


Beth said...

Those kabob's look so yummy! I slept late yesterday too.. until 12yesterday, LOL

Sorry to hear about the kidney infection. I hope you get to feeling better after the big ole shot in the butt :(

Molly said...

Love your platter with the kabobs on it. We've got a set of glasses that match!

I slept in until almost 1 the other day. Talk about lazy!

Karen said...

You never talk about going to church on Sundays although you talk about your faith being important to you. What gives?


Jennifer said...

I love eating at Abuelos, too! I'm sorry you are not feeling well. Hope you feel better soon.

Anonymous said...

Hope you feel better soon!

Lauren said...

Sounds like a GREAT weekend, minus the kidney infection :(

Anna said...

In my opinion, you don't have to be an avid churchgoer to be strong in faith. In fact, I know plenty of people that go to church every single day but only do it because they "should" or because they want to "do the right thing." I don't feel that it is ANYBODY's right to question another person's faith.

Obviously, Amanda is a Christian person and I personally admire her faith a lot. You can see her love for God in her writing. I don't think that the BUILDING that she's in when she is worshiping or talking with God has anything to do with it. Who are we to pass judgement?

Anonymous said...

Anna I agree...when I read that comment I was in utter shock. Thank you for putting my feelings into words!