Friday, June 26, 2009

I Just Have To Know...

What is your favorite Michael Jackson song and what is your first MJ song memory?

As crazy as he was (at least in my opinion) you have to give him credit as a musical genius. For the past twenty-four hours since I first heard he had been rushed to the hospital I tried to decide what my VERY most favorite MJ song is. I had a hard time deciding between Billie Jean, Beat It, and Thriller, but in the end, I have to say, Billie Jean. Not sure why, but it is one of the few songs that I can actually listen to all the way through without getting bored (I wanted to put the official video on here, but couldn't find it on youtube that was good quality and able to be embedded). The first song I vividly remember actually coming out and being a hit is Man In The Mirror (I was only 2 when Thriller came out).

So, now it's your turn to play along. Here are the two questions; 1. What is your favorite MJ song and 2. What was the first MJ song you remember hearing?

Oh, and I think I found the next great dancer. This video makes me laugh SO HARD! I just love this kid!


Amy Miller said...

My favorite Michael Jackson song is "Man in the Mirror". The first Michael Jackson song that I remember hearing (keep in mind that I am 38) is "Shake Your Body Down to the Ground" when he was with The Jacksons.

Have a great weekend!

Lianna Knight said...

My favorite song would have to be Thriller!!! Being a dancer, I feel like I have danced to every single one of his songs :) I don't recall which song I heard first, but I did a dance to Beat It in the 5th grade and won the talent that one sticks out in my mind!!

Beth said...

I'm still lauging at the video of the dancing kid! LOL

My favorite Michael Jackson song is Beat It. I guess it's because I had a pleather version of that red jacket w/zippers all over it! Favorite video is hands down...Thriller.

Bailey said...

I think I will have to say that my favorite MJ song would be Black & White! It just has a great beat!

and little boy is hysterical!

Michelle said...

Hey Amanda! I've been following your blog for a while now but I've never commented before. (I work with Brittney)

I think Billie Jean is probably my favorite MJ song too. Although, I can definitely remember singing "Bad" in the back seat of my parent's car on road trips. :)

Anna said...

Okay that was the best "waste" of 2 mins and 45 seconds I've had all day!!! That was awesome! I laughed my butt off.

I don't know which MJ song I like the best. I had my Kindergarteners dance to "ABC" this year in the talent show. I can recall some good times singing "You Are Not Alone" in my hairbrush with my friends. My earliest memory of MJ is when I first saw the Thriller video....I was thinking "what movie is THIS?!?" There are so many great songs-I can't pick a favorite!