Friday, June 19, 2009

Answered Prayers

EDIT NOTE: Michael is still in the car business, just this time he is managing his own department instead of just sales. He will still be working Monday-Saturday :-( but it will be a much better situation.

For the past month or so we've been praying at our house for Michael to make some decisions regarding work. Some things changed at his job and he was not as happy as he once was and felt that maybe the time had come to try to advance himself in the car business. This week God gave us the answer we had been praying for and on Wednesday Michael left his job for a better opportunity. Until today I could not post about this because we were waiting on some final details to be worked out, but Michael has accomplished his dream of managing his own internet department!!!!!

I am so proud of him!!!!! It took a lot for him to leave his old job. It is where he got his start and he really liked the people he worked with and the product he sold. However, in his heart he has known for a while that the time was coming to move on. He will be starting his new job on Monday and is so excited. It was definitely the best decision for our family and one that he made on his own in the end. Please pray for him that he will enjoy his new job and that everything will continue work out.

So, that was our big news! We have a jam packed weekend lined up which worked out great since Michael doesn't have to work for the first Saturday in almost 2 years!!!!! Tomorrow we are going up to Knoxville to spend the day on the lake and night with his dad for Father's Day. Sunday we will hurry back early so I can spend lunch with my dad. Then, late that afternoon we will go to an annual party at Dr. Barker's house honoring the outgoing chief residents (which freaked me out the the other day when I realized they were interns when I met them 6 years ago!!!!! I have been in nursing longer than I thought!). I'll try to post some pictures of our weekend Sunday night if I am not completely wiped out! Have a great weekend!!!!!


Anna said...

YAY!!!! Enjoy your weekend! PS- I gave you an award!

Lauren said...


Friggin'-fraggin' YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know he has to be so excited. I guess most people don't understand what it's like to work on weekends all the time, for hours at a time...I'm so happy for y'all.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on getting the family out of the car business!!! It was the best decision Matt and I have ever made, and we left at the height of the car business boom! I know how bad it is to have your husband away so much all the time. This will be so good for you guys.

Kendra said...

Congrats!!! That is great news!! Our first 2 years of marriage David worked Saturdays, and I remember when he took a different job and finally started having them off, it was SO great!! Hope you are enjoying your Saturday off together =)

Guy and Julie said...

YEA!!! I know you're excited!!!!