Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Here Comes The Sun

It has been so dreary and rainy for about a month here.  Apparently TN/NW GA didn't get the memo that it is supposed to be April showers, May flowers.  Instead it has been steady May Showers.  Well, since Monday we've had beautiful late spring weather!!!!!!!!  I am hoping for at least a pretty day Sunday so we can get the boat out and soak up some sun!  It always makes me happy to get some sun and I know I need it.  I am looking a little pasty!  Ha!

Today has been a good day.  Other than the fact I am STILL not sleeping well (if you have any suggestions, PLEASE help a sister out!) and decided to go ahead and get up at 5:45 this morning and get to work around 7:15, I've had a good day.  Today is one of my favorite days of the year at work.  All of the surgeons go to a meeting away from the office and we usually have a mandatory meeting in the morning then we are free to either work or leave for the day.  I chose to work so that I could take off on Friday and have a 4 day weekend!  I got my office and some of the patient rooms that I use cleaned and stocked, and my paperwork caught up, so I still left at 3:00.  

However, I found out around noon that Michael was at home not feeling so well.  Michael has a bad back and we think doing some yardwork Monday night might have caused him to have some back/neck pain today.  We got him some medicine and now he is sleeping and we are hoping he'll be able to get  back to work tomorrow.

I have my monthly hair appointment tomorrow!!!!  I am thinking about cutting about 2-3 inches off my hair for summer.  It grows VERY fast and it is getting a little out of control.  I am also going to go even lighter on my highlights!  I am feeling the need to be a little more blonde for summer!  Ha!  Friday I am planning on taking off from work to clean house, take Spencer to the groomer, and do laundry.  Michael's family is coming in for the weekend, so I'll have to work hard to get everything done on time.  

Hope everyone is having a good week and I'll be back tomorrow night or Friday to let you know what I did with my hair!  Ha!  

PS: I have not forgotten the Where You Live Friday posts.  I had a couple emails both weeks I did not participate asking to see more of my renovated house.  I just haven't had a chance to take any pictures, but I PROMISE, I will take some this weekend and post them soon!


Kelli said...

I'm glad you are soaking up some rays! All the rain seems to have come down to South Florida! But that's okay, my grass was very happy to get a good shower!

Can't wait to see the new do! :)

Anna said...

OOOO, be careful with the hair cutting. Learn from my mistakes, Grasshopper. :) Just kidding! I'm sure it will be awesome!

Lucky you on the 4 day weekend! I can't really complain though. I get a 3 day weekend and then only 4 days left of school. Woooo hoo!

Enjoy your weekend!

Kelli said...

I gave you an award on my blog! Check it out!