Sunday, April 19, 2009

8 Things...

Natalie at The Brocks Rock tagged me a couple of weeks ago to answer these questions.  I am just now getting around to it.  :(

8 Things I am Looking Forward To:
1. Having a baby 
2. Getting out of debt
3. Meeting even more new friends through blogging
4. Getting our house back together
5. Taking a vacation soon
6. Car sales picking up so we can do #2 and #5!
7. Getting out boat out on the lake!
8. Enjoying the summer

8 Things I Did Yesterday:
1. Pedicure
2. Cleaned kitchen
3. Laundry
4. Watched Baby Mama
5. Took a Nap
6. Ate at Logan's with Michael and his dad
7. Sat on my patio 
8. Took a Bath
(Yes, I had a relaxing day!)

8 Things I wish I could do:
1. Have a baby
2. Have my boat at a marina
3. Park in the garage
4. Know that we can definitely afford a vacation and plan one
5. Pay off all of my debt
6. Eat out every day (I love to cook, but it is so much easier to just go out!)
7. Quit work and be a stay at home mom
8. Live without my blackberry (I am an addict!)

8 Shows I Watch
1. Desperate Housewives
2. Celebrity Apprentice
3. Dancing With The Stars
4. Gray's Anatomy
5. Dean and Tori (yes, I know it is pitiful)
6. Girls Next Door (even more pitiful!)
7. E! News (don't judge, where do you get your news?)
8. Today Show

I tag Brittany, Julie, Lianna, and Anna.


Anna said...

Ooo, yay! I feel special. Thanks!! :)

Lauren said...

I loved this list, Amanda!!!! :O)

Jennifer said...

I love Dean & Tori too!

Natalie said...

I love your list!! I watch all of those same shows ~ you know Kendra is getting her own show as they follow her and her wedding updates!!

Thanks for playing along!

I'm praying for you and your husband!!

Angela said...

I love Tori & Dean!