Saturday, April 11, 2009

28 Is Not So Bad...So Far!

Thank you for all the Happy Birthday wishes on here and facebook!  You are the best!  I had a great birthday yesterday and so far, 28 is not so bad.  I spent the day shopping and going to lunch with my mom and then last night we went to see my favorite cover band, The Velcro Pygmies (for those of you who asked) at Rhythm and Brews with my best friend 
Lauren and her husband, Eric.  We had a lot of fun!  

At Big River before the concert eating dinner.  

At the concert!  We had so much fun, even though it is was crowded and hot.

The best picture I have (even though it is terrible) of the band.

Thank you for all the prayers for my friends and family in Murfreesboro.  I'm sure Michelle will have pics up soon on her blog when the power gets restored.  She has already posted a few on facebook.  Very scary!  My two biggest fears have always been heights and storms. 

Today, I've been cleaning the house like a mad woman because Michael's family is coming in for the weekend and I have neglected the house this week with all that is going on.  I'll post some pictures from tonight and Easter tomorrow!  Hope everyone has a very safe and Happy Easter!


Jenn said...

You look like you had tons of fun on your birthday and I am glad that the day turned out to be pretty nice for you!

Brittney said...

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!!!! So sorry I haven't commented or sent an e-mail yet. It's been a busy and crazy weekend. Friday night we were without power for almost 4 hours.

I'm glad to see you had a good birthday! Maybe we can celebrate with a walk or coffee next Saturday?

Happy Easter!

Lauren said...

So glad you had a wonderful birthday. Happy Easter, girl :)

Aishlea said...

It is strange that your dad was a coach, too! :) Also, another strange thing... I think I know your best friend Lauren. Well, know OF her, anyway. She might not know me. I was at UTC for a while when she was there and I think she works in my building! Small world. Hope your birthday night was fun!

Lauren said...

That is the funniest name for a band that I've heard in a while! Cracking me up! It looks like you had a really good time!