Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Midweek House Update

I started feeling better around 2, so I went and met my builder to discuss the next week of building and got the best news yet (well, other than my girly parts are ok!), we WILL be back in sometime the week of March 16!!!!!!!!! PTL!!!!!!!!!! While I was there, the electrician was finishing up, the granite guy came to measure for the countertops, and the tile guy came to replace the few broken tiles!

I was able to get some better pics today with my big camera.
Look what came home cabinets! Oh how I've missed you! The glass door and molding around the top should show up soon.

I had them change the light kit on my fan to one of the old ones that were on the damaged fans. Much better! I always hated the one I had before.

And since everyday has to have a little crisis, here is today's crisis. I am a little sad about this. My two favorite fixtures I had in my house, my dining room fixture (shown above, please excuse the electrician's ladder) and my foyer fixture are causing problems. First, the foyer fixture is MIA. The last time we saw it, it had been removed by the fire department (yes, they really did remove it and we LOVE them for all the time they spent making sure everything was safe!) and laid on the floor in our office. Well, the insurance people came, packed everything up, moved it all to storage, and as of today, has no clue what they did with it. Beautiful foyer fixture, please come home, I love you and miss you!!! Then there is the case of the fixture that I fell in love with so much, it made me want to buy the house (well, not entirely, but it did help persuade me!). When the electrician hung it he could not get the bottom piece back on. It is warped and probably won't go back together. The sad part of this story, it is no longer available. :-( I am still hoping for a light fixture miracle and that it can be rigged up!

I didn't get a picture of this room Monday, but this is our home office/boy nursery. I love how the crown molding and dark paint just pop! GORGEOUS! (in my opinion anyway!)


beckylbranch said...

That looks awesome! Your house is going to be gorgeous!

Molly said...

I love your house-- want to come decorate mine? I love your color choices.

And, concerning your other entry-- I'm glad everything looks good. I'm excited for y'all to try again, and I SWEAR by the progesterone supplements.

Lauren said...

It beautiful...... So happy for you!!!!! :o)

Jenn said...

Your house is really starting to come together. The green in the living room almost looks like the green in Emma Kate's nursery. What a beautiful choice! I miss you.

Lauren said...

Everything looks great! Your kitchen is going to be awesome.

Kendra said... cool!!

TAL said...

Beautiful rooms.

I have to agree, the office is my favorite room! The wall and crown molding definitely pop. It seems like everything is coming together quite nicely (with the occasional crisis now and again).

I'm sure you are excited to move in soon!