Saturday, January 24, 2009

Puppies, Ice Cream, and Demolition

Thursday night I went to the store and I spotted the coolest thing for the dogs, puppy ice cream! I thought the deserved a treat for living together and behaving nicely (for the most part!), so I bought it for them. Beasley is used to eating people ice cream so he wasn't too sure, but Spencer LOVED it! After a minute or two, Beasley did too.

Yesterday was the day we have all been anxiously awaiting...demolition has begun!!!! I went over to see what had been done and I couldn't believe how much they got done in just 24 hours! They actually knocked out one side of the hallway while I was there! This is going to go fast then we will ready for the fun part...rebuilding!

Foyer all torn down!!!!!

Living Room from the kitchen. It is halfway done!

Our Bedroom which is now the holding place for all the light fixtures we are trying to salvage!

I spent a few minutes at Sherwin Williams today. I have officially become obsessed with paint samples! I know what colors I want, but how will I ever decide what exact color I want? There isn't just the right red, blue, brown, or green!!!! UGH!!!! I did take my samples with me to the house and I have narrowed it down to a few favorites, now I just need to decide which of those I like best.


Anonymous said...

I recently painted a bathroom brown and was amazed at how many shades and variations something as simple as "dark brown" could have. I'm happy with the end product but it took me a long time to get there. Be sure to look at all your samples in varying lights ...

Guy and Julie said...

We painted an extra bedroom a light gray a few years ago, and I bought 6 different small samples of paint colors (Benjamin Moore has small samples for $3 that you can buy to try out) and put all 6 colors actually on the wall. The color I ended up going with was NOT the one I would have picked from the chip, but it's perfect. I dread picking paint colors so much that from then on, I've just taken in a pillow or curtain or object with the exact color I wanted and let them match it! I'm sure you'll pick just the right colors and it will look beautiful.

Lianna Knight said...

WOW!! What a difference!! I would just grab some samples, throw them on the wall, and then let them sit for a few days until you decide. That is what we did...we came home with several that we THOUGHT we liked. Then after having them on a section of the wall for a few days, we were able to decide which one was perfect. How fun!!

Anonymous said...

agh! don't feed your dog these treats. i believe they have chicken or beef bi-products which are not healthy for a dog. there is a more natural brand that includes only applesauce, yogurt and one other ingredient. i am not able to recall the name though. i can't believe how many people feed their dogs chicken or beef biproducts, soy, corn and other unnatural fillers!