Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Bachelor Recap Week #4

Ok girls, lets talk Bachelor! First, let me say that all the girls I did not like have gone home, so yay for Jason! Next I have been dying for the tent date and that finally happened, so lets discuss that! No matter what happened on that day (and I think we all know), any good self respecting girl is NOT coming home in his clothes! I'm sure her parents were super proud of that!!!!
Now, lets talk the two to one date with Stephanie and Nikki. Did Nikki's very manly sideburns bother and distract anyone other than me?! It was all I could look at! Ha! Anyway, I was very happy that he kept Stephanie although her voice and stepford wife ways irritate me.
Lastly, what about the rose ceremony? I was happy to see that he used his brain and got rid of Megan and Lauren. I was surprised he got rid of Shannon, but she irritated me last week with her breakdown during the rose ceremony and I haven't cared for her since. It isn't like these girls didn't know what they were getting into! Not to mention, did she make her own dress last night?
Does anyone have any idea when DeAnna is coming back? I was thinking maybe next week, but it looks like next week is all in Seattle.


Anonymous said...

Shannon had to go. Last week she cried and vomited - two definite turn-offs for a guy!

Faith said...

So glad those three are gone, and I am with you on Shannon's dress...what in the world??

I don't know when the DeAnna drama is coming, but I'm ready!

Michelle said...

Girl.... I think we covered it all during the text messages last night. That was a good show. Today , Yahoo.com has the clip of the crazy girl he dropped like a hot plate. Cant wait to see who ends up with this HOTTIE!!!

Anonymous said...

The side burns were driving Matt and I crazy! She has plenty of hair on her head, I am sure that she could spare the sideburns and wax those things off. And we could not beleive her comment that she made about Stephanie's husband dying: ("She had her man and had her daughter, and he died, now it's my turn") Matt and I were in shock! We had to rewind it because we could not beleive that she had really just said that! I think that clip will be on "The Soup" on Friday!