Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Bachelor Recap Week 2

So, what did you girls think about week 2? I am not sure what to think of these girls. There are some serious beotches this season!!!! Ha! I am not too sure about the chick that knows all about him and Ty. That is a little disturbing. Also, I am NOT liking Megan. What is wrong with that girl? And then there is Erica, what is wrong with her? She just wants drama.

So far my early pick to win is Melissa, but we'll see. What did you think about last night?


Kelly said...

Just finished watching. Melissa is my pick. She just seems sweet and normal. There are always so many crazy girls on there.

Faith said...

I do not like Erica at all. And, the stalker seriously needs to go.

I think I may have picked up on something from the previews for the finale that may have given away who the winner is! I'm not sure, but I will keep my eye out for more!

Next week's episode looks so good!

Karah said...

so glad to find another Bachelor fan in the blogging world. I love Melissa too. That Stalker Shannon has to go. She is just too much. I can't believe they are bringing DeAnna back...UGH!! She already told him no once. Glad to come across your blog. Have a good week.

Lauren said...

Stalker freakazoid needs to go.

I really like the mom from Alabama...I can't remember her name right now.

I do like Melissa, and I like Lauren, too. Maybe it's the name??