Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Only 11 Hours Until Christmas Eve!!!!!!

Ok, panic is beginning to set in! I still have to...
  • see 8 pts this afternoon with the slowest doctor I know
  • fill out some FMLA papers
  • leave work
  • cook a pizza for dinner
  • make a potato casserole
  • make a broccoli casserole
  • cook sausage balls
  • make MORE red velvet cake balls
  • wrap gifts
  • finish the ornament wreath

Are there enough hours left in this day???? I'm sure you are asking why some of this cannot be completed tomorrow morning before we celebrate Christmas Eve tomorrow afternoon???? Well, after all that I have been through, my mom bought me a pedicure for Christmas that I am getting done at 11 tomorrow morning. I am so excited to take a few minutes for me! So, the plan for tomorrow is to get up, get pedicure, come home, cook casseroles, load the car, and go to Christmas Eve at Michael's grandfather's house by 3 where we are going to put his tree up before everyone else comes over at 5:30 or so. Whew, it is going to be a busy 24 hours!!!!

What are your plans for Christmas Eve?


Silvina said...

Enjoy your pedicure tomorrow!!! I can't believe only 11 hours left for Christmas Eve. I'm spending mine with my family tomorrow and we always open our gifts at night. I'm so excited!!!

Michelle said...

Girl, I am in the same boat. I got so much to do. I am telling you, next year I am gonna enjoy it more. I say that every year and it just goes by too fast. I am making that my New Years resolution.