Thursday, July 16, 2015

Thoughts For Thursday

1. Nicholas is LOVING day camp!  Last week was his first full week week and he had so much fun! They go swimming twice a week and a field trip to somewhere fun once a week. His teacher sent me this last Tuesday and it made my day!  

It has been close to 100 degrees here all week and I'm starting to swell as I hit the 30 week mark! I couldn't even find any shoes in my closet for church on Sunday except flip flops and some sandals! I went out Sunday night and got some Epsom salt...not sure it's working though. Any tips for a hot, swollen pregnant girl? 

I'm really struggling not to buy all the seasonal baby things. And I mean ALL the things!  I would have bought one of each of these had they not been 6-12m last weekend at Hobby Lobby!  I need an intervention! STAT!

 Life keeps getting ahead of us. Between two demanding jobs, a 5 year old, pregnancy, and taking care of two homes (ours and Michael's grandfather's home) we cannot keep up anymore. I bought this calendar at Hobby Lobby in hopes it would make it easier to track who is doing what when and what bill is due when. 

I've developed a craving for V8 drinks. Sadly, they have over 900mg sodium in them (see number 2) so I've had to quit drinking them. Also, note that they are not a suitable replacement for the weekend morning Bloody Mary. 

6.  I've begun looking at birth announcements, but nothing has just jumped out at me. Any suggestions on a good place to order them?