Saturday, February 15, 2014

Snow Day, Fun Day

This week we were pleasantly surprised by a "significant snowfall" as the weatherman kept calling it. We went to work on Tuesday with about 1/2" on the ground at our house in north Georgia, and by the time I got to work in Chattanooga (12 miles away!) the ground was completely dry.  This is what I left behind in GA that morning (this was the beginning. There was a lot more by the time I left). 
 Apparently my house was right on the weather line that day. Throughout the day Tuesday we were hearing more about snow for Wednesday into Thursday. Wednesday morning I woke up to this...

Given the forecast and the fact my area doesn't exactly handle ice and snow on the roads well, I made the decision for a snow day.  The roads were worse than they look and very slick and icy. By lunchtime this was the view. 

By late afternoon the roads were good again and we ran out to do a couple of errands in Michael's 4-wheel drive truck when he got home. By 6:30 this was my view on the secondary road by my subdivision. Nasty and scary!

Nicholas and I spent the entire day as couch potatoes. I had a head cold and he was just lazy. We watched the Olympics and I am pretty sure by bedtime I became one with my recliner. Nicholas even fell asleep on me around 9:30 while watching figure skating! I got up to put him to bed and he just fell over asleep! Poor kid! Our lazy day caught up with him! 

We ended up having 8" of snow by Thursday morning!  
For the third time in eight years, my office closed due to the weather, as did Michael's, so we had an official snow day fun day! 
 My tree was my favorite thing in my yard.  Gorgeous!
 My car didn't move for 48 hours so this is what 24 hours of snow will do!  Probably more than 8" there because Michael's car had less and it only sat for 12 hours at this point.

Nicholas wanted to build a snowman and have a snowball fight, so that is just what we did for about 2 hours. Luckily, the temperature was close to 40 by this point so we had a blast just playing without feeling like we were freezing to death! 
 Nicholas was obsessed with snowball fights.  He was smart and hid in his clubhouse!
 And then he did this... Haha!
 My child is 41" tall and it came all the way to his knees!
 Family Snowball fight!

 Even Mommy made a snow angel!
 We had a 6 ft tall snowman who changed identities several times throughout the day.  1st he was Captain Snowbeard...
 Then Nicholas wanted him to have my scarf and he was frosty...
 Eventually Nicholas joined the rest of the kids on our block and had a snowball fight.  He was the youngest, but he holds his own with them!
 By 3:00 this was our fort and snowman.  They melted a lot but actually there is still a significant amount of them still there today, 48 hours later! (this was Thursday afternoon)

Truly one of the most fun and best days we have had in a long time!  It was fun to play together in the snow and to just have a couple of lazy days.  By dinner time the roads were in pretty good condition, so I was able to keeps plan to attend a consignment presale!  I didn't find much, but as soon as I got home I went back to being one with my recliner. I think God knew that Nicholas and I needed a couple of days like that!