Saturday, September 14, 2013

Wonderful Weekend

It has been a great weekend so far!  I have had a crazy, crazy week at work, but yesterday I wrapped up my week and left for a week for our vacation!  I usually get a Starbucks on Friday and yesterday I decided to make it a pumpkin spice because it just felt like Fall out!

Last night my dad's team had a HUGE win over a larger school to become 4-0 for the 1st time EVER (remember they have only had a football program for 10 years!)!!!  They are headed into a very hard 2 game run with some great momentum, and I don't think I could be any more proud of these guys if they were playing in the state championship!  They have outscored opponents 168-19 in just 4 games and have had 2 complete shut outs to have the 2nd best defense in the state in all 6 classifications (based on points allowed)!

This morning I finished packing while Michael got the car detailed and ran some last minute errands.  He came home and we loaded up for our big adventure to see a mouse!  It is FINALLY the BIG day...WE ARE ON OUR WAY!!!  We just left the driveway and I am so excited for my little man to meet Mickey Mouse!  I made him Mickey cinnamon rolls for breakfast to celebrate travel day!

There will be so many magical moments for our sweet boy this week and I hope to share them all with you.  My goal is to blog every night, but that may not happen, depending on how late it is when we get in and how tired we are, but I can assure you I will write a post on each day so I can keep a record of Nicholas' 1st Disney trip!  He is so excited, can't you tell?!