Sunday, September 8, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up

We have had another fun, but busy weekend.  Friday night my dad's team played about 2 hours from home and with work and Nicholas, that just doesn't work for my mom and I to be able to go.  We missed an awesome game, but we went out for me to get my last minute Disney needs and had dinner at Olive Garden.  We found ourselves at dinner discussing all the game updates from all over the area coming through on Twitter and talking about Disney.  We are all so proud of our Seahawks!  They won a district game, are 3-0, and only 2 more games until they are back in town for the rest of the season.  By the way, if you are a high school football fan, check out the Ball Frog app on your phone.  It gives updates as they happen!  It was like we were there with the updates coming through!

Saturday morning I spent the morning washing 4 loads of laundry and trying to make sure you can see my laundry room floor again.  Laundry is my least favorite chore.  Give me bathrooms and floors to scrub, no problem, but laundry is the worst!  Nicholas and Michael went over to our neighbors house to watch football around 12:30, I joined them at 2:30...and we came home at 10!  We love having such close friends as neighbors.  You never have to leave the subdivision, spend time with friends, and have fun.  Can't lose with that combination!  Of course I had my football cup with me!  :-)

Today we finished up the laundry, Michael mowed the yard, I cleaned the pirate pool to be put up for the season and worked in my backyard shrub bed a little.  We had another busy day, but I needed to get all of that done before we leave town next weekend!  Nicholas spent the day playing with his pirates and Batman.   He is very serious about his pirates!

He is getting excited about his trip!  He LOVES taking the Mickey off of his countdown calendar and wants to watch videos of other kids meeting Mickey and Jake on youtube.  

I have also been working on packing this weekend.  I literally CANNOT WAIT to get to the park and see his sweet face just light up!  All the hard work and stress of planning a Disney vacation will be so worth it!