Thursday, September 5, 2013

Thoughts For Thursday

1.  Pretty sure I have the best husband in the world!  Not only does he work hard for his family and is an awesome dad, but Tuesday was a hard day at work for me and when he came home he surprised me by having a babysitter lined up for a night out!  One thing we LOVED before having Nicholas was going to play trivia at a local bar, well that is what we did on our date night!  It was so much fun, even if we did terrible!  Haha!  It was so fun to just hang out, eat bar food, and play trivia together!  (sorry, no pics because there is a no phones allowed rule during Trivia!)

2.  I am pretty sad that for the next 3 Fridays my dad's team is on the road to play.  We will miss watching them, but we are very thankful for the fans that live tweet games!  Don't worry guys, play hard and the Ledfords will be wearing our green and following along on my phone!  :-)

3.  I have super oily skin and adult acne and I have tried several BB Creams.  Any suggestions for a good one for oily skin?  I'm tired of my makeup running off of my face by lunchtime!

4.  I am trying to refrain from busting out the Fall decorations and candles until after Disney.  I'm hoping I can fight it for one more weekend!  Once football starts and pumpkin spice lattes are out, it is a constant battle for me, even when it is 90 degrees outside!

5.  I'm working on the last pieces to my Disney planning notebook and trying to decide if I should follow a touring plan.  What works for those of you who have conquered Disney with a preschooler?  I'm thinking set a couple of priorities for each day and once those are done, just chill and let Nicholas set the pace.  This trip is all about Nicholas having fun, Mickey, and pirates (those are his priorities!) we are just along for the ride!  :-)

6.  Nicholas is doing so well in his preschool class.  He can recognize all of his letters and numbers up to 10!  I love the curriculum at his school and I'm sad to think we only have 2 years left until kindergarten and a new school.  :-(

7.  We found this verse for my dad to pray for his linemen this season and the more I've thought about it, the more I pray this verse for Nicholas along with them.  It is my dad's hope that these young men always have a firm faith, be strong in their faith and beliefs, and always be men of God.
Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith;
be men of courage; be strong.  1 Corinthians 16:3