Sunday, March 3, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up

We have had a fun, but busy weekend (but what's new?).  Friday night we were literally wiped out.  Nicholas and I got home around 5:30 and it was the earliest we had been home all week.  I had worked until 5:30 a couple of nights and I had a total of 4 meetings plus my usual work.  It was a draining week to say the least.  We ordered pizza, I had on my pjs by 6:30 and Nicholas begged for a bath by 6:45.  That was a sign to me he was TIRED!  He never wants a bath, much less asks to take one!  Haha!  This is how I spent my evening...under a Cars blanket watching Family Man on Bravo with my wine and cheese.  Perfect!
Yesterday morning we woke up to a very light dusting of snow on our house and yard.  It melted so fast I didn't get  picture of it, but it was the most we had all season.  :-(  It is so crazy that on March 2, 2012 we had tornadoes and on March 2, 2013, we had snow!  That's just an example of how the weather is in Chattanooga, Tennessee!  Next weekend is high 60s and sunshine!  

On the note of 60s and sunshine, I had not purchased a single warm weather clothing item for Nicholas yet.  I have been holding out on the consignment sales and honestly, I haven't been to a clothing store since Christmas!  I am proud of myself for keeping away for 2 months!  Ha!  Well, yesterday was the 2nd sale I have been to this consignment season (the 1st was a dud) and I racked up!  My friend Amy and I met up after we shopped and this is what my 31 tote looked like...
I ended up with $129 worth of Gymboree, Polo, Kelly's Kids, Gap, and Children's Place for around $600 off of retail!  I plan to do a consignment series over the next few weeks showing how I prepare to sell, shop, and why it is not tacky or cheap, but smart to buy your kids "used" clothing.  This was my Kelly's Kids find!  Only $21 for all 3 items!  Not too shabby!
Today we ended up sleeping in and going out for a late breakfast.  I got ready while the boys got ready and when we met up in the kitchen, this is what I saw.  I love them!
After we ate we stopped in at Walmart for a new big boy car seat.  We got a Recaro Como convertible seat as a shower gift when we had Nicholas, but it was almost too small and Nicholas' head was actually taller than the seat!  He had been using it since he was 8.5 months old (he moved out of his Chicco keyfit at 21 pounds) and it has been a great seat.  I am sad to retire it to the garage, but we have to keep our little man safe!  He is the proud new owner of a Graco Nautilus.  I love that it will grow with him as long as he needs a car seat and booster.  If you are in the market for a new seat, Walmart has it on sale for $129!!!!  (it still needs to be latched in and the straps adjusted, but I can't believe I now have a big boy seat behind me!)
I spent the afternoon tagging for the big consignment sale this drop off this week and loading it all in my car.  I still have a couple of baby items to tag and load, but this is most of my loot (plus the cokes I bartered for an early shopping pass!).  

My boys are watching Monsters, Inc and I need to get to folding laundry, no more procrastination.  Good times around here!  Ha!  Hope everyone else had a good weekend!  We sure did!