Sunday, December 23, 2012

Priceless Christmas Decorations

I am going to do a tour of our house decorated soon, but I wanted to do this one separately.  When we moved my Nana last year and began sorting 50 years worth of memories, I had a specific list of some things that meant a lot to me that I wanted. A lot of those things were Christmas things.

She had an angel on the top of her tree my entire life until she just couldn't do a tree anymore about 5 year ago. I always loved that angel and she was the number 1 item on my list of things I wanted. She doesn't sit well on my tree, but I put her on the tree in my room where I also have a couple of Nana's Christmas precious moments displayed on my dresser. I love how they remind me of her house at Christmas every time I see them! 
About 15 years ago, Nana wanted to quit using her and hated the way she looked (she is a bit worn!), and I even thought about fixing her up a little with some new jewels for her crown and a new eye, but then she just wouldn't be the same angel.
As I mentioned before, Nana went through a time where she made a lot of ceramics and she was incredibly talented at it. She made a ceramic and stained glass church that she always displayed on her big console TV (anyone else remember those big things?).  I struggled to find just the right, special spot for it, but ended up placing it on the table in my foyer and it means so much to see it everyday.  It is my favorite Christmas decoration by far.  Between the angel and the church, Christmas just seems so much more warm and cozy this year.
When I was little she let me have this ceramic Christmas tree, but I gave it back years later when I started having my own big tree. I made sure it came back to my house and I put it on the bar between my kitchen and living room. Nicholas loves it and he thinks Elfie brought it. Haha!
I am so fortunate to have these things in my house now that in my mind define Christmas from my childhood. One day when Nana isn't here to join us for the holidays, I will always remember all of the Christmases we spent with her at her house.