Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas 2012, Round One

Last night we hosted the Ledford Family for Christmas. We have always had Christmas with them on Christmas Eve, but after adding another family in the mix this year, we had to move it to the 23rd this year. It is always funny to me because the 1st time Michael took me home to meet the family was on Christmas Eve. It brings back a lot of fun memories!

I started hosting in 2005, our 1st married Christmas, which was also the 1st one without my mother in law. She and I had a long talk before she passed away about keeping tradition and I promised her I would absolutely make sure holidays stayed important and traditions were kept. The past few years we've had heavy appetizers and drinks, but this year I decided to go back to a meal, and it was so much easier. We had a smoked pork loin, potato casserole, green bean casserole, creamed corn, cherry fluff, deviled eggs, and rolls. Simple, but tasty!
One of Michael's favorite things to do is to make egg nog for Christmas.  He tried a new recipe this year and it was super good...but strong!  :-)
I really enjoy holiday baking (even if I did burn my hand in the process this year!) and I always make the Ledford family traditional sausage balls and the Jacobs' family traditional thumbprint cookies.
I also threw in some of my Nana's fruit loop melts for the kids and some Oreo balls. I used my Nana's Spode platter for the 1st time! There is just something about seeing her fruit loop melts back on there that made me almost cry.
Nicholas had fun and REALLY enjoyed his 1st real Christmas where he really knew what was going on. He loved opening gifts and also helped his Daddy, Granddad and Mamaw open theirs!  I loved his cute little elf smocked shirt and green pants.  Cracked me up!

 We are truly blessed to have two small families that we are close to and get to see as often as we can.

Today Nicholas and I spent a lazy morning at home while Michael worked.  He was home by 1:30 and we made a big pot of gumbo for dinner.  It was nice to not have a busy Christmas Eve this year and able to spend a day resting before another busy day on Christmas day.  Nothing says "Merry Christmas y'all!" quite like a big bowl of gumbo!  :-)
After dinner Nicholas had his bath and then we settled on the couch for Polar Express while drinking hot chocolate and eating cookies!  Nicholas had so much fun! 
When the movie was over we went outside and sprinkled reindeer food for Santa's reindeer and  left cookies for Santa by the fireplace.

This may be one of my new favorite pictures.  He was looking for Santa in the fireplace!!!  I die at the cuteness!!!

We have another busy day tomorrow.  We are looking forward to another fun day with family!