Sunday, September 9, 2012

End of the Weekend Brain Dump

1.  First and foremost...have you seen the College Football Top 25 today...our Tennessee Vols are #23!!!! (my other favorite, the Alabama Crimson Tide are #1!)  They haven't been ranked in years and my football loving heart just about can't stand the fact that ESPN Gameday and Lee Corso (who I love) is coming to Knoxville Saturday...the one Saturday that Michael has to work.  I've been waiting YEARS for that opportunity!  He is going to try to switch with someone, but I'm sure that won't really happen.  :-(
We haven't been to a game in about 4 years, I think it is time!  Notice Michael had on his Beat Florida shirt! Ha!  (Good Lord we were young and I had about 50 pounds of infertility drug weight on me! MOOOO!)
2. It has been an AMAZING Fall weekend here! We had a high of only 78 yesterday and I don't know that we made it any higher today!  I'm praying for a cool night of Friday night football this week when Nicholas attends his first game!  I made a pot of beef vegetable soup yesterday and we will probably have it again tonight.  Yay Fall!

3.  I made so much fun of my Dad Thursday night and then found myself saying something similar. When he left high school football in 2000, no one really even carried a cell phone, much less coaches & players carrying one during practice, meetings, and games (gasp!). Well, my dad is a little (ok a lot) technologically challenged and still has a flip phone, doesn't want to learn to text, and just now learned to take pictures with it, and even more amazing, has very little interest in using the Internet. Ha! Needless to say, he has been surprised to see players and coaches so attached to their cell phones. It was hysterical to me and then Friday night I found myself saying, wow! Times have changed in 12 years as I stalked his game via twitter. Back in the day, if we didn't go to his game we didn't know what was going on or who won until the 11:00 news came on. It has been awesome keeping up on my PHONE (that definitely blows his mind! Ha!) and seeing updates with almost every score. Now, if only Dad would get into texting, he could text me the scores. Yeah, not going to happen. :-)

4.  I'm so late to the Bridier Baubles party, but I FINALLY ordered myself a set of orange Britta Beads from Bridier Baubles.  I'm hoping to place an order for the new brown set, the safari bangles, and hopefully a necklace of some sort in red before too much longer. Better late than not showing up at all! :-)

5.  Is it too early to start working on my Christmas List?  I am trying to decide what to get everyone so I can work on my budget and hopefully start buying sooner rather than later this year.  What are you getting those on your list this year?  I'm at a loss on most of my list!

6.  I bought this book the other night and I'm excited to get started.
I am only a couple of chapters in, but the 1st paragraph of the 1st chapter sure did sound like me!

7.  It is school picture week and I am thinking about putting N in this football sweater I found at consignment sale and jeans.  What do you think?  I love dressing him like he would go to school for school pictures and it will be a Fall scene background.  I think it would be cute???