Thursday, September 13, 2012

A Busy Day At Home

Impressed at my blogging frequency?  I am really making an effort to do better.  I got in a funk and just didn't want to blog there for awhile, but I'm feeling better now and trying to do better!

Today was a busy day for little man and I.  First, we got up around 8:00 and had a lazy morning.  We didn't get dressed until after 10 (very unusual for us!).  I spent the morning washing the car seat cover and some laundry while doodle played and played.  I think he enjoyed just being at home with his stuff!   Here is my living room at 9:00!  AHHHHH!!!
We had a fun morning and to keep with our fun morning, I made a fun lunch!  The Toddler had Mickey chicken nuggets, yogurt, and peas and carrots (surprisingly, he loves peas and carrots).  Yum! :-)

While I was cleaning up lunch, my dad showed up to see us for a few minutes.  Nicholas was so sad when he left because he wanted to go with him.  Michael took my car to work to have a few things worked on, so since we were stuck at home, Nicholas took a good nap and I got a ton of stuff done!  I feel so much better on days I am home and things get done.  I hung up 3 loads of laundry that had been piled on my love seat, picked up the house, and cleaned the kitchen and the floors.  I actually want to be at home tonight (I usually hate looking at the mess knowing I don't have the energy to clean up).

For dinner I made cheesy chicken rolls, green beans, carrots.  My little man ate it he devoured TWO chicken rolls and two spoon fulls of carrots!  If you have a child like mine that isn't a meat eater, try them!

Michael came home to a clean house, Pumpkin Roll Scentsy going, and dinner ready.  Pretty sure he thought he was at the wrong house! Haha!  After dinner we played in the backyard and enjoyed just being a family.  I know this day makes me sound like a perfect, crazy, Stepford wife, but let me ASSURE YOU that I AM NOT!!!!  Just look back on last week's post about my day from hell.  I am NOT perfect, today is just a day where I was actually able to get a lot done and I'm pretty proud of it!  As a matter of fact, I was anxiously awaiting the toddler's bedtime so I could read Unglued and rest in bed!