Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My First Valentine's Day Recap

 Poor, sweet, Nicholas had a rough first Valentine's Day.  As you might remember from my Valentine's Day post, he was sick when I picked him up and we went to see Dr. Spraggins the next morning...double ear infection.  :-(  He had a hard time going to sleep and had a rough night up a few times (even thought just for a few minutes each time).  This picture makes me sad, but it is how he was that day.  Bless his heart.

Mommy and Daddy got him a box of teething biscuits (yay for Bi-Lo for carrying soy and dairy free!) and Grandpa and Gigi stopped by for a minute to see their favorite little Valentine.  They brought him a couple of books and a card.

Michael had the day off from work and this is what I saw wen I came in the door!  I was so excited to see the table set with my china and crystal, but even more excited to see the roses!
When I FINALLY got the baby to sleep, we had an amazing meal!  Michael went on Saturday before and bought steaks and lobster to cook and it was soooooo tasty!  He is an amazing cook, even though he rarely cooks during the week because he gets home so late, but I love when he cooks for me on the weekends!
Hope everyone had a good Valentine's Day!  I cannot believe it is March and I am just now blogging about it, but oh well, I'm hoping to do better and not be such a blog slacker!  :-)  Be sure to look at the posts below for two more new posts!