Monday, March 21, 2011

It's JBF Time Again!

It was time for Just Between Friends again this past weekend and this time I was a consignor and volunteer for the first time. I spent hours just getting my stuff I was consigning perfect and then volunteered on Sunday where I worked with my good friend Nicole.  It was a lot of work all the way around, but a lot of fun at the same time!  I started working on the items I wanted to consign about a month ago, but really started working on them last weekend.
I ended up consigning about 65 outfits (they were all stacked here by sizes, but you get the idea) and a few things Nicholas has outgrown that I don't want to store for later.  As of last night I had already made about $70!  I was happy considering the only high dollar item I had was $25 (and that is NOT high dollar!).

Saturday I went to the presale and scored a TON and I mean TON of cute things!  Here is everything I bought!
  I found 4 cute swimsuits for him since we have a community pool and going to the beach this summer.
 A UTC onesie!!!
 I also found three super cute shortalls!  The tractor one is also reversible!
I found these two toys.  I had been looking at both at TRU, so I went ahead and got them here instead.

I ended up with I forget how many outfits, two toys, a few bibs, and a towel set for under $130!  Not bad for an afternoon of shopping!  Now, hopefully I'll at least make that much if not more!  :-)