Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Happy Birthday, Grandpa!

Yes, I am majorly behind on my blog, so I am going to get caught up over the next few nights a post at a time.  On February 10 we celebrated my Dad (Nicholas' Grandpa) 58th birthday!  I made a sign for Nicholas to tell him Happy Birthday that morning, but I'll let you decide for yourself how well that went! Haha!

After work and school we went over to their house for dinner.   My mom got Sticky Fingers BBQ, ribs, and sides.  It was so good!  Nicholas wore his camo onesie to match the cake!  Hey, I love themes, I can't help it!

My friend Becky made us another CUTE cake!  We LOVE her and her cakes! 
Happy Birthday Grandpa!  Hope you had a great first Birthday as a Grandpa!  Nicholas sure did enjoy spending it with you!