Friday, January 7, 2011

Six Month Check Up

Look who went for their 6 month visit at the pediatrician and got four shots with only about ten seconds worth of crying?!  He was such a big boy!  Of course, as always, his favorite thing about going to the dr is getting to play with the table paper!  Haha!  My mom and I took him since Michael had to work.  He weighed 17 pounds even and 27 inches.  He is 90th percentile for height and 60th for weight!  He is on schedule for all of his milestones even though he doesn't like to roll over.  He can do it and does from time to time, but he is just happy to sit or to have tummy time.  Haha!  She wasn't worried about the fact he doesn't roll over once she saw how well he can sit up.  He sat for almost 15 minutes and even played with the paper while sitting.

He had a lowgrade temp, but she thinks that is from teething since he seemed ok and there wasn't anything obviously wrong.  At first we thought he wasn't going to be able to get his shots, but she went ahead and gave them to him anyway.  He also got his flu shot, but we have to go back in 30 days for a second round.

We love our pediatrician so much.  She was awesome when Nicholas was having such a hard time with his tummy and she always calls to check on him when he is sick.  Also, I want to say hello to Audra, a blogger that said hello while sitting in the waiting room!  She recognized Nicholas and said she read my blog.  It was funny that he is so famous!  Haha!  Audra, it was nice to meet you and your adorable babies!