Saturday, December 18, 2010

Let The Parties Begin

I have always loved Christmas parties.  Last Thursday night Michael's dealership had their Christmas party, but I had to miss it because I didn't leave work until 6:00 and it started at 6:30 almost an hour away from my office.  That was ok because I had a night of snuggling with my favorite little snugglebug!  

This Thursday night was my office party.  It was at the Chattanoogan hotel (which ironically was the where we got engaged 7 years ago today, also at an office party on a Thursday night!).  I was so excited because it was a great excuse to dress up and go out while Gigi and Grandpa kept our little man.

It was great having a fun, relaxed evening out with my favorite work friends. This our team on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.  Dr. Barker, our MA Kaitlyn, and myself.  We have been a team for a year now and work great together.  Kaitlyn was a great addition to our team!
 This is 2/3 of our team on Monday and Wednesday afternoon.  Dana and I are really good friends that have worked together for over five years now.  It is almost scary how well we work together with Dr. Smith.  We usually know exactly what he will do before he does it.  We missed him, but he had to study for his board recertification that he took early Friday morning.  Don't you just LOVE Dana's doorprize! Ha!  I love that she posed with her chair.  If you know her, you are not surprised! Haha!
We had a great time, but after dancing for two hours and getting home late on a worknight, I was exhausted on Friday morning!  I think I realized that I can't have keep up quite as much at almost 30 as I did at 20!  Ha!