Friday, December 3, 2010

Five Months Old

 Look who is FIVE months old now!  We celebrated Nicholas' fifth month birthday tonight after his Christmas program (more on that tomorrow).  He has just become so cute!  He has developed quite the little personality! He loves to talk and laugh all the time.  Just totally adorable!
Your favorite toy are your feet. You are obsessed!  I took a video of you playing with your feet the other day I need to upload.  Maybe I'll get to that soon.  Your other favorite things to do are "blow bubbles", swing, sit in your superseat, and jump in your jumperoo.  You still loves going to school and your teacher, Mrs. Wendy.  We've been blessed with a wonderful teacher and class.

You are a big boy.  I'm not sure exactly what you weigh, but you are in 3-6 or 6 months clothes.  You are all legs!  You even wear some 6-9 month pants!  You are long and skinny like your Daddy!  We are pretty sure you are working on two teeth in your bottom gums.  You chew on your hands CONSTANTLY, drool, and have had a crazy sleep schedule lately.  You are also trying to crawl.  You can roll over, but just prefer to scoot on your tummy.  You have become a VERY crazy sleeper.  We still put you to bed in the middle of the bed, but within minutes you are lying sideways or completely turned around.  You still do not like to nap, but will take short naps in your swing.  We aren't sure how you function on such a small amount of sleep!

We love you SO MUCH and are so excited about what five months is going to bring.  Your first Christmas program, meeting Santa, lots of Christmas events, and warm nights cuddling with us!
 How cute is this cake?!  I am so glad we found Becky!  She makes the best, most adorable cakes we've ever seen!  I told her about my love of reindeer and this is what she did.  PRECIOUS!