Friday, December 3, 2010

Baby's Big Debut

We have had quite a week!  Not sure what is going on with our adorable little man, but he has been a handful!  He has been fighting sleep and waking up between 4:30 and 5 every morning!  He is also not wanting to nap at school.  Needless to say between a lack of sleep and a busy week at work, this mommy is worn out!  Yesterday morning we got up early, got dressed in our Santa outfit and went to school to meet Santa at 7:30.  Nicholas did so good!  He wasn't scared at all!  He smiled for all the pictures they took, so I am excited to get them back.  Here is a picture of him all ready to go.
 Tonight Nicholas had his big stage debut.  His school had their Christmas program and he did great for Friday night on very little sleep.  Here he is getting ready to leave.  ADORABLE if I say so myself!
 Mommy and Nicholas getting ready to go on stage.
 Funny little Elf!
 I LOVE my hands
 The three baby classes sat on stage with their parents and listened to a story in red and Santa hats. We are the first ones to the left.
 He was great at first and smiled and cooed, but all of a sudden became THAT BABY.  Yes, of course, we were the first to cry!  Haha!  He only cried for a second, but it was ok, he was still cute!  It cracked me up to see all of his little friends looking at him! Haha!
Needless to say, we didn't stay long.  We left after his class before he could get too upset and came home and had pizza and cake for his birthday with his Gigi, Grandpa, Granddad, Aunt Melissa, Matt, and Hailey.  We had a great time and he was a happy baby once again.  Ha!  You can read more about that in the post below.