Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve Ledford Style

First off, I just have to add that NINE years ago today I went to Christmas at Michael's Grandparent's house and met his family.  It is crazy to me that it has been that long!  Anyway, this year they all came to our house for Christmas and finger foods and it was so much fun!   My "treat table".  Cheese ball, peppermint bark, sausage balls, and thumbprint cookies.  YUM!
 My mantle was finally finished at 3:00 today.  Nothing like waiting until the last minute! Ha!

Our tree with all the gifts under it once everyone got here.

My sweet little boy and I.  How cute is this face?!
 My red velvet peppermint cake.  YUM!  Recipe coming soon.
 This year Michael played "Santa" and wore the traditional hat.  Here are my two favorite boys right before we did Christmas.  So cute!
 Our family of three.  Nicholas was sooooo funny tonight.  He just smiled and laughed all night long!
 Nicholas and his Papaw (Michael's Grandfather).
 Baby's First Gift.  His Granddad and Mimi gave him a water table with some water toys inside.  It was a  big hit!  However, next year, everyone just needs to give him some paper!  Haha!

 He got so excited everytime Michael sat a gift in front of him that he would almost lie on it and squeel until I could get it open for him.  He was so funny!
 LOVED his glowworm.  Look how determined he was to open it up.
 My new hat and mitten set.  CUTE!
"What? That is it?  No more paper to play with?"
 Nicholas and his Aunt Melissa
After everyone went home we cleaned up and turned around and Santa had been here!  Looks like someone was a good boy this year!  I think Nicholas is going to be so excited in the morning!