Monday, December 13, 2010


We just THOUGHT it was cold last week!  We had a fairly mild weekend compared to the weather we have been having, but yesterday the temperatures dropped from 45 to 24 in 24 hours!  BURRRRR!  This is what it looked like at our house late last night.
We had about an inch of snow that caused our office to be delayed two hours this morning.  Poor little Nicholas has been dressing very warm and wearing hats as much as possible.  Today poor baby probably thought his mommy was crazy.  He went to school in a long sleeve onesie and fleece pjs.  Hey, it was 19 degrees and windy, I just wanted him to be warm! Ha! This picture is from last Thursday, I think he looks super cute in a hat, if I do say so myself!
Saturday my mom and I took him to BRU to try out the Jeep walker.  I know that walkers are not supposed to be safe and most people do not use them anymore, but my parents and us both have flat, one story homes and he will be supervised the entire time he is in it.  The idea is for him to have it at their house, but something tells me it may be coming home with us.  Probably because he LOVED it and cried when we took him out!  haha!  Sorry for the poor quality, I took it with my phone and he was jumping up and down squealing.  PRECIOUS!
Also, I wanted to show you what our Elf has been up to.  My good friend Jane was at our house while we were gone on Friday and Nicholas and I came home to find the Elf hanging upside down from Nicholas' ceiling fan.  Apparently Jane and Buddy had a lot of fun while we were gone!  :-)
We really had a pretty lazy weekend overall.  Nicholas has put a whole new meaning to the song "All I Want For Christmas".  He is trying to cut his bottom two teeth and he has been quite a handful.  He was very fussy, runny nose, low grade fever, and ear ache at the end of last week.  He seemed to be doing better today, but yesterday we spent the cold, snowy day at home in our pjs.  Just an example of how he spends most of his time.  He is LOVING his fingers.  Poor baby does NOT like teething toys, he just prefers his fingers (or ours).