Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

 Happy Thanksgiving from the littlest turkey!
 I LOVE his outfit made by the wonderful, talented SheSheMade!

Nicholas let us sleep in until 7:00 (about 30 minutes later than normal), but we had to get up and get moving.  We had to be in Cleveland at Michael's Granddad's house around 11 to finish cooking and get ready for lunch at noon.  Nicholas proved to be the star of the show, as always.
 Nicholas and his Papaw (Michael's Granddad)

This is what happens to babies that have too much cereal at lunch on Thanksgiving!
 Nicholas playing on the blanket that was made by his Great-Great Aunt for his Grandmother Lisa.
  After spending all day with the Ledford Family, it was time to load back up to come back to Chattanooga to spend the evening with the Jacobs/Ross Family.  We were still full, so we didn't eat much.  I plan to enjoy it tomorrow after a day of shopping!  Ha!

Four generations...Nicholas, GiGi, Nana, and me
 Nicholas and Grandpa watching the Cowboys Game.  Nicholas is definitely a member of our family!  He loves his football!  Haha!
 Our happy little family after a long day of being thankful for being a family.  
 My cousin Lindsey gave Nicholas a bath earlier after he spit up on his cute outfit for 599 time today, so we just put him in bed when we got home around 7:30.  He was absolutely exhausted because he only had about two hours worth of naps all day.

I am so excited to start our own little holiday traditions, so I started one tonight.  Look who has arrived in Ringgold for the first time...
Our Elf On The Shelf!  He is currently watching Nicholas from his dresser where he will greet him in the morning.  I am very excited about this tradition.  I couldn't wait to bust him out!  I am getting ready for bed now.  I have a long day of shopping ahead of me.  My mom, Nicholas and I are hoping to get to the mall by 7ish for a day of good deals then Michael and I are planning on taking Nicholas to the Grand Illumination downtown tomorrow night.

Hope everyone is stuffed and had a very happy Thanksgiving!