Friday, September 3, 2010

Two Month Dr Visit

This morning we had our two month check up with Dr. Spraggins.  It went great!  Our little monkey actually needs to be called a chunky monkey!  He weighed 13 pounds even and 24 inches long!  That is 75th percentile in weight and 90th percentile in height!!!!  I guess that little hunger strike he went on last week didn't hurt him at all!
I've decided that all the expensive baby toys I've already bought could easily be replaced with table paper!  He loved moving around on it and hearing it crinkle. Ha!  

He was SO good!  She could tell a big difference in him from when we were there three weeks ago.  She thought he was definitely on track developmentally if not even ahead in some categories!  Too bad we already knew he was an overachiever and perfect! Ha!  Michael and I were so proud of him.  He received his shots and only cried after the last one and only for about 10 seconds! What a big boy we have!!!!  

He goes back on October 29 for his four month check up.  I couldn't believe we were already making that appointment! :-)