Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Happy Two Months Nicholas!

Today Nicholas turns two months old!  I cannot believe he is that old! 

Nicholas at 1 week

We have had quite the day today, but that is another post for another day since it is all about my kidney issues.  Poor Nicholas didn't have a nap ALL DAY, so he was a little tired during his photo shoot.  

We all know how much our little piggy loves his food and apparently he wanted some cake!  As my mom held the cake for me to take this picture, he grabbed the side and dug in! Don't worry, he didn't eat any of it.

Who me?!

He is such a funny baby!!!!

Nicholas, what have you been up to this month?
  • You have continued to have tummy trouble.  We saw a GI doctor and it was decided you have a milk protein allergy and severe reflux due to the allergy.  You are now on your fourth formula in less than a month, pregestimil.  You are not really a fan, but you eat it anyway. Good boy!  You have 5 oz every 3 hours with 5 tsp of cereal mixed in.
  • You have slept through the night three times, but since we have adjusted your feeding amounts and times you get up around 3-4 am for a bottle and diaper change then again around 8 for about an hour before you take your morning nap. You usually sleep about 2-3 hours in the morning and another 2-3 hour nap in the afternoon.
  • You are still in size 3 month or 0-3 clothes and size 1 Huggies.
  • We go for your 2 month check up on Friday and I can't wait to see what you weigh! I'm thinking you are still around 12 1/2 pounds because you lost a little last week when  you had a feeding strike after changing your formula.
  • This is our last month at home together.  Mommy goes back to work on September 29 and you start day care on October 11. 
  • Overall you have become a much happier, sweet baby.  You love to cuddle and just look around.  You enjoy swinging, going for walks in your stroller, riding in the car, sitting in your bouncy, and playing with with your tummy time mat and play gym.  You are starting to enjoy small periods of time in your jumperoo too! 
  • You had your first nights away from us last weekend when Mommy was in the hospital.  You and Gigi stayed at our house Friday night then you went to their house Saturday night.  You were very good for her!  You also slept in your crib at their house for the first time Saturday.