Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day Weekend

We've had a busy weekend. Yesterday with the help of my mom (because it is just too much for me right now) cleaned my house and then went to Holcomb's to get some awesome impatients to plant in my shrub bed. We had our shrub bed redone and a lot of "clutter" taken out and our landscaper took out our monkey grass and left us with this space to plant flowers. I finally got them planted this afternoon and I LOVE how they look (not sure WHY I thought it was a good idea to sit on the ground and plant flowers at 8 months pregnant, but it was NOT a pretty sight! Ha!).

Today was a VERY special day for me. My first Mother's Day (although I know it isn't officially my first, but after crying through the last two, it was a big deal to me!)!!!! Michael got me a starter kit for our camera with a case, extra battery, and UV filter. I'm excited to have it for our trip to the hospital! I'm sure we'll need that extra battery! Ha!

After we ate breakfast we went to Cleveland to have lunch with Michael's Grandmother. Even though he works in Cleveland and is there six days a week, he rarely has time to spend with his family, so we were glad to get to see them today.

Mother's Day is one of the hardest days of the year for Michael. His mother passed away five months after we were married and his Grandmother that he was very close to the following February. We try to always make a trip to the cemetery on Mother's Day for them. It is VERY, VERY important to us that Nicholas knows about them and how much they would have loved him.
Late this afternoon we had dinner with my family. I know that I am biased, but my mom is the BEST mom ever. No matter what, she is there for me and for Michael and she is SUPER excited about being a Nonna (the name she is currently leaning towards). I am very blessed to have such an awesome Mom (unfortunately I didn't get a picture of the two of us because their dog is scared to death of the flash and I put my camera up before I realized we didn't have a picture). My parents got my the cutest gift! I collect Precious Moments and this is the one they got me. I loved the bag too!
This is my Nana, cousin Lindsey, and I. My Nana and I have always been very close and I am very thankful that she is still here and in good health to see my first baby! There is one thing I KNOW I want to do with Nicholas this summer and that is to stop by her house and swing on her porch swing with my baby! I have spent thousands of days doing that and I want to bring Nicholas to do the same thing.
I hope all of my mommy friends in blogland had a great Mother's Day. For those of you still waiting, I know your pain and in all of the happiness and excitement I felt today, I still remembered that pain. I prayed for you all today, many by name, that you will feel peace and that one day very soon your prayers will be answered.

For some updates, we are STILL waiting on my new car. When you order from the auction you never really know when it will show up, but usually within 4-7 days. We really thought it would be here by the weekend, but I guess not. HOPEFULLY it will come tomorrow. I'm starting to think we ordered it from the factory in Japan, not a dealership in Louisiana!

It's going to be a busy week around here, so you may or may not see me much. We have our hospital tour on Tuesday night. I know that sounds weird considering I work there, but I have not stepped foot on the fifth floor since I was in school, 7 years ago! It's the one place you won't find a trauma pt! I also know they have a special drop off place (which I have no idea where it is!) and I want to know exactly where to tell our families to find us. I also have some last minute things to do to get ready for our showers next weekend, so that will have to be done in the evening (finish hostess gifts, work on baby book) and try to get some rest!